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Restaurants - Bars - TAVERNS - Deli's - PUBS


Tina offers sophisticated and aggressive marketing approaches which include the following:
     1. Contacting our current qualified Buyers, 
     2. Advertising on our website, social media and other websites
     3. Sending out periodical postcards and advertisement
     4. Regular email updates are sent to our subscribers in our database,
     5. Unmatched niche-marketing exposure for Sellers 


Confidentiality is important when selling these types of businesses. Your information will be secure with us. 
*Not all locations are listed confidential it is the choice of the Seller how they wish to market their location.
Finding the right Buyer for your location is key in these transactions.  
 All Buyers will be qualified before writing any type of offer.  All Buyers will be asked to verify funds, experience and credit.​


Selling a Bar & Restaurant is very different from a Residential or Commercial transaction.  It is in your best interest to have a Business Broker that can facilitate your sale and know the proper steps in which to take in transfers of these businesses. Let us focus on the sale of your business allowing you to spend your time running your business. With Tina’s 35 years of experience in this industry Tina can assist you with this process. 


We will work closely with the Seller and Buyer throughout the entire transaction to ensure a successful closing.  Prompt communication is essential during all transactions.  We will keep you updated on the progress of your transaction and handle all of the complex details.  We work closely with Landlords, Accountants, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, and Officers at The Title Company to ensure a successful closing.  We also work very closely with the OLCC and Lottery to ensure the proper steps are taken in order for the sale to close in a timely fashion.


We promises to be ethical, have great integrity and use professionalism throughout your transaction.  We have the skills to negotiate your sale and will make certain that the Seller and Buyer have a good experience throughout the transaction. 
We will take care of business!